Welcome to snowonmusic!

The topic is music theory, composition, and whatever else may strike the fancy of hangers-on–because, ideally, what will be happening here is conversation.  Conversations about Doc Snow music articles, certainly–this should be a place where questions about the resolution of the chordal seventh, or about deciding if that bit in measure three is REALLY a similar fifth,  or whether to raise the third of this or that chord, are all welcome.

But also, conversations about all kinds of music–popular, classic, or just plain odd.  How to make it, how to hear it–maybe even how to keep it in context.  Who knows?  I’ll be posting ‘seeds’ to kick-start the conversation, but in the end it’ll be respondents who make this blog in their image.

For now,the topic is suggestions:  what would you like to see addressed?  What conversation do you want to have?